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Sale Kit - Baby George by Ping Lau
This doll kit is modelled by 2 doll artists. The head is by ...
R1,390.00 R1,050.00
Sale Kit - Cade by Jorja Pigott
Cade Kit by Jorja Pigott Cade is 21'' long Eye size:...
R1,400.00 R1,200.00
Sale Kit - Clark by Samantha Gregory
Clark by Samantha Gregory  *  Name: Clark ...
R1,609.00 R1,100.00
Sale Kit - Edley by Elisa Marx
Edley by Elisa Marx.  The kit includes the following...
R1,300.00 R900.00
Sale Kit - Hylia by Jorja Pigott
Hylia Kit by Jorja Pigott Hylia is 21'' long  S...
R1,400.00 R1,241.00
Sale Kit - It's a Boy/Girl by Tina Kewy
It's a Boy/Girl by Tina Kewy The kit consist of: head ...
R1,130.00 R800.00
Sale Kit - Julie by Adrie Stoete
Julie doll kit by Adrie Stoete. Julie is the 3rd head of the...
R1,300.00 R900.00
Sale Kit - Lilith by Heike Kolpin
Lilith was produced in Germany and is made of phthalate-free...
R1,290.00 R900.00
Sale Kit - Lucrecia by Natali Blick
  Lucrecia doll kit by Natali Blick. The kit cons...
R1,535.00 R1,060.00
Sale Kit - Maik by Natali Blick
  Maik doll kit by Natali Blick The kit consist o...
R1,460.00 R990.00
Sale Kit - Milo by Heike Kolpin
Milo Kit by Heike Kolpin   The vinyl kit consists...
R1,400.00 R1,200.00
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