Kit - Huxley by Andrea Arcello **** Pre-Order Only ****

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Huxley by Andrea Arcello   ****Pre-Order Only****

Huxley is the next in line from the Princess Adelaide family. Huxley is Adelaide's sister and Huxley has a twin (coming this Spring!)

The vinyl kit consists of:

  • Head
  • Limbs: Full Arms & Full front loading legs
  • Eye size: 20mm (Not Included)
  • Cloth Body: Included
  • Length: Approximately 22”-23" in length when completed
  • Certificate of Authantication (Limited Edition TBD)

Huxley Soryline and Poem

Once upon a time,in a Kingdom far far away, there lived a sweet princess named Adelaide.  For so long, she has been hoping for the arrival of a sister or brother that could be her best friend....
The Queen promised her that one day, she will have her wish come true of not just one baby princess, but two...

H is for Hearts who awaited their arrival,
Until then, the hushed Kingdom was idle.
Xcited to see the first Princess unveiled
Little Sister to Princess Adelaide, whose affection prevailed.
Expected to uphold the Royal appearance and Grace
Yet she lays adorning a pram made of Lace

Photos of completed dolls are included to show the breadth of artistic interpretation. Please note that you are purchasing a doll kit, not a finished product.

A non-refundable, non-transferable pre-order deposit of R500 is REQUIRED to pre-order this item. Please do not mix other items with your pre-order unless you want those items shipped at the time the pre-order kit ships (i.e. bodies, eyes, paints, etc). The final price will be confirm on arrival of the kits. On arrival of the kits, you will be notified per e-mail, SMS and/or WhatsApp. The balance due must be paid within 7 days after the notice of arrival. We are NOT responsible for delayed kits. This is not reason for cancelling pre-orders.

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