Rooting Needles by Heavenly Illusions - Black

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Rooting Needles by Heavenly Illusions

Rooting Needles Black, 5 piece - package

Working Part: Triangular Shape
Number of Scores: 1
Arrangement: 1 notch on only one edge, the other two edges are smooth
Size / Strength: 42gg

This needle is very stable and the optimal needle for Directional Mono Rooting. For the conventional technique (placing a strand and piercing it), this needle is less suitable because the notch is slightly larger and thus has a higher entrainment. But with proper handling, this needle attracts each and every one of her offered hair reliably. With this needle the attitude must be considered: The edge of the Dreikantschaftes with the notch must point to the vinyl! Since only a single edge is provided with a notch, the puncture is a tiny slit, which is covered by the hair. So, this needle is least damaging to vinyl, even though it's a bit heavier.

5 piece / package

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