Rooting Needles 42g Crown Uncut

Product Code: NEETCUNC42
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Rooting Needle 42g Crown Uncut - Imported from Germany

A great fine-gauge crown rooting needle. Because they only have 3 barbs, they will literally only pick up a couple hairs at a time. Yes, it's slow going but the results are worth it. It works well with the mushroom handled rooting tool or the wooden needle holder.

5 needles per pack

Help with choosing needles:

38g - Fine

40g - Very fine

42g - Super fine

43g - Extremley fine

46g - Almost Invisible! ( for Silicone dolls only )

Star - The stem is a cross formation with 2 barbs to each face randomly placed.  Total of 8 barbs

Crown - The stem is a triangular formation with 3 barbs at the tip

Fork - Round stem with a groove at the tip they are barbless

3 Barb - Triangular stem formation and 1 randomly placed barb per side

6 Barb - Triangular stem formation and 2 randomly placed barbs per side

1 Barb - Triangular formation and one barb


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