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Kit - Abigail Smiling by Laura Tuzio Ross 22"
Abigail Smiling kit by Laura Tuzio Ross The vin...
Kit - Bellami by Samantha Gregory
Bellami sculpt by Samantha L. Gregory Samantha ...
Kit - Corbin by Linda K. Smith
Made from Extra Soft Bountiful Baby BabySkin(tm) V...
Sale Kit - Elea by Heike Kolpin
Kit - Elea by Heike Kolpin On purchasing an&nbs...
R1,200.00 R989.00
Kit - Ellory by Andrea Arcello
Ellory Kit by Andrea Arcello Vinyl Kit Consists...
Sale Kit - Eloise by Maisa Said
Eloise Kit by Maisa Said Kit consists of: ...
R1,539.86 R1,300.00
Kit - Emma by Sigrid Bock 29"  ****Pre-Order Only****
Emma Kit by Sigrid Bock ****Pre-Order Only**** ...
Sale Kit - Frida by Lorraine Yophi
Kit - Frida by Lorraine Yophi New & Softer ...
R1,500.00 R1,260.00
Sale Kit - Grace Asleep by Lorraine Yophi (Female)
Grace Asleep kit by Lorraine Yophi (Female) &nb...
R1,788.00 R1,460.00
Kit - Ivy by Denise Pratt 21" (Bountiful Babies)
Ivy kit by Denise Pratt 21" The vinyl kit consi...
Sale Kit - Jaylan by Laura Tuzio Ross
Jaylan Kit by Laura Tuzio Ross Photo's sho...
R1,580.00 R1,430.00
Kit - Jonah by Heike Kolpin 18"
Jonah kit by Heike Kolpin The vinyl kit consist...
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