Sponges : Mushroom Sponge Set (4)

Product Code: BRUMPSPO04
Availability: 14

The mushroom sponge is one of the easiest ways there is to apply a perfect coat of Skin Texture Foundation to your baby.

This pouncing sponge produces an ideal size dot pattern for the appearance of textured skin.

Suggested Use: Spread about a 10cents size worth of paint on the center of the end of the sponge and spread it until it all soaks into the sponge leaving no blobs or streak of paint on the sponge. Press the sponge on a paper towel once to release any excess paint. Now press the sponge firmly onto the vinyl and release it. You should have a 10cent size paint dot on the vinyl. Begin to pounce it starting in the center then moving outward in a spiral motion until the paint dot has disappeared and an even coat of skin texture dots has been created. Repeat this step spacing the 10cent size paint dots so that when they are pounced out evenly they will not overlap on each other. This will result in an even skin texture over your entire baby. Pounce out the paint so that you can barely see the skin texture dots.

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