Genesis Heat Set Permanent Matte Varnish (1oz)

Brand: Genesis
Product Code: PAIGEMVA10
Availability: 7

A thick gel-like paste that can be applied over cured Genesis paint to give a matte finish (no shine).Gloss Remover - Have you ever had the problem of your doll baby getting too shiny as you add more paint? Or maybe you cooked her a little too long and the shine came up that way. Some types of vinyl are more prone to becoming shiny than others are. If you need to tone down the shine then Heat-Set Matte Varnish is what you need. The Genesis company makes this wonderful product so you know it works well. Accidents do happen and dolls can get too shiny so it's good to have this on hand for such occasions. Remove the doll-like shine for a more realistic matte baby skin finish. Nothing says "doll" like a plastic shine!

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