Mohair - Straight - Light Brown

Product Code: HAIMOLBR05
Availability: 948

Beautiful and soft premium quality Angora Mohair, approx 15cm, already combed, 15g (0.5oz).

Imported from Germany.

Please Read:

Mohair is probably our most problematic product. Quality mohair is *very* hard to produce on a consistent basis, without occasionally having dye bleed problems, or frizzy hair problems, or the like.

Dye bleed problems most often occurs with darker mohairs-- such as Black and Dark Brown (we've never seen dye bleed problems with Blondes).

And that is why we recommend that for darker mohair colors, you *always* test the mohair with hot tap water, to see if it bleeds, before using it, regardless of where you buy it from.

Hot tap water is fine for testing the mohair. Do not use boiling water.

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