Sweetheart Pacifier - Lilly with Magnet

Brand: Honeybug
Product Code: PACHBNL000
Availability: 12

Honeybug Pacifier

These pacifiers are specially designed for the Reborn Baby Dolls. No more glueing or drilling - just snap off the cap, insert your 9x3mm Earth magnet and snap the cap back on and it's ready for your Reborn Baby.


CAUTION: These Magnetic Pacifiers are not recommended for children under the age of 8 years of age! If you are intending to supply the pacifier with a child's reborn baby, please ensure that once the magnet is in place, that the child is not able to snap off the cap and remove the magnet. GLUE THE CAP ON WITH PERMANENT ADHESIVE! These Earth magnets can cause serious damage if swallowed!

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