Rooting Needles by Heavenly Illusions - Green

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Rooting Needles by Heavenly Illusions

Rooting Needles Green 5 piece - package

Working Part: Triangular Shape
Number of Scores: 3
Arrangement: 1 notch on each edge, arranged in a ring 
Size / Strength: 40gg

This needle is very stable and due to their slightly larger notches also ideal for slightly stronger mohair varieties like Yearling, Adult or even for human hair. But also a fine kid mohair can be implanted with this needle. Although this needle is a little stronger, it leaves no major punctures due to the shape and arrangement of notches. When the head is heated by a heat source (for example, halogen lamp or a rice bag), the needle slides easily and leaves little barely visible punctures.

5 piece / package

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