Drying Rack: For doll vinyl parts

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Drying Rack: For doll vinyl parts

It consists of wooden rack with 4 posts.

The drying rack holds and allows your sculpt/vinyl doll parts to dry, after they have been washed before the painting prosess has started as well as when you have to wait for the paint to dry. It will prevent the paint, on the vinyl, to smudge before the thinner/solvent dry up.

The drying rack is lightweight and allows the vinyl to dry inside and outside.

The dowels are removable and can also be used to hold in your hand while painting a limb. The dowel, in your hand, will then help to secure the limb while painting it. Plug the dowel, with painted limb, back into the rack to dry.

When you have completed painting your sculpt, you can disassemble it for easy storeage.

IMPORTANT: Do not use in oven!!!!


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