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Kit - Anthony by Laura Tuzio-Ross
Anthony Kit by Laura Tuzio-Ross The vinyl kit c...
Sale Kit - Baby George by Ping Lau
This doll kit is modelled by 2 doll artists. The h...
R1,390.00 R1,050.00
Kit - Bellami by Samantha Gregory
Bellami sculpt by Samantha L. Gregory Samantha ...
Sale Kit - Cade by Jorja Pigott
Cade Kit by Jorja Pigott Cade is 21'' long ...
R1,400.00 R1,200.00
Sale Kit - Clark by Samantha Gregory
Clark by Samantha Gregory  *  Name...
R1,609.00 R1,100.00
Sale Kit - Edley by Elisa Marx
Edley by Elisa Marx.  The kit includes the...
R1,300.00 R900.00
Kit - Ellory by Andrea Arcello   **** Pre-Order Only ****
Ellory Kit by Andrea Arcello  **** Pre-Order ...
Kit - Eloise by Maisa Said  ****Pre-Order Only****
Eloise Kit by Maisa Said ****Pre-Order Only**** ...
Kit - Finley by Heike Kolpin
Finley Kit by Heike Kolpin Kit consists of: ...
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